An ideal office should be clean and cosy, with a light and airy atmosphere. The Novelio® Nature glass fibre wallcoverings help to create a place where people like to work.

Novelio Nature
Novelio Nature

Wear resistant

Your company’s office space reflects on its culture and external perception. Novelio® Nature offers an impact resistant wallcovering which keeps offices looking fresh and newer for longer. A combination of furniture movement, pedestrian and wheeled traffic, such as chairs and desks can easily make an office space look tired and worn, the durable wallcoverings from Novelio® Nature prevent damage caused by abrasion, bumps and scuffs.

Novelio Nature

Perfect colour fast

Light and a connection with the outdoors are important in an office environment, but whilst they can improve wellbeing and productivity, they can also lead to walls losing their colour. The colour-fastness in the Novelio® Nature wallcoverings ensures they will not be affected by exposure to sunlight and retain their colour and new appearance.

Novelio Nature

Easy to maintain

Commercial environments are not immune to small scratches, leaks and spills. Novelio® Nature has a washable finish and can be easily cleaned and maintained to keep the walls looking as good as new. Withstanding the daily wear and tear of office life, Novelio® Nature is not affected by water or sunlight, providing an attractive wall finish over a longer period of time.

Novelio Nature

Meeting all regulations

As with any commercial organisation Health and Safety and compliance are critical. Novelio® Nature is fire resistant and complies with all the regulation for public buildings.

Novelio Nature

Easy to apply

Novelio® Nature is quick and simple to install. Its breathable qualities helps it dry faster than vinyl, making office refurbishment cost effective and time efficient. Office walls can be transformed in a day, as Novelio® Nature needs minimal preparation and can be applied directly onto the wall. As fast as your company and the needs of your staff change Novelio® Nature can keep up. Re-paintable and re-strippable, Novelio® Nature walls can quickly reflect the changes and outlook of your business.

See how quick and simple it is.

Health friendly

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, and a lot of that time is spent at work. It’s therefore important that the time spent in offices is in a healthy environment with good air quality. Novelio® Nature is VOC free and made from 90% natural materials - achieving a Class A+ environmental rating.

Novelio Nature

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Health Care


Beauty and calmness can heal. Fine designs and easily washable finishes are just two of the reasons why our glass fibre wallcoverings are particularly suitable for hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other medical facilities.



In places where people come to relax, it’s very important that the furnishings stay looking new and fresh for a long time. This is why our wallcoverings are particularly suitable for hotels, B&B’s, lodging houses, cafés.


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You'll soon find out why glass-fibre wall-coverings have their place here, too.

Make the best first impression with your customers. Turn your shop, studio or salesroom into a place where they always feel good – all that and more can be easily achieved by selecting a suitable Novelio® wallcovering.

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